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Quality spare parts for efficient steam turbine operation.
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Supply of spare parts for steam turbines

We provide a top-tier spare parts designed for steam turbines. With our extensive background and proficiency in power equipment, we take pride in our well-earned status as a trusted market partner.

The interests observed in the energy market are not only due to their high reliability, but also to the complete availability of modern technologies. Our customers are no less attracted by our comprehensive technical support: production of spare parts and components according to individual orders, the package of services includes full technical and information support of operation of all types of steam turbine equipment, their improvement and repair. It is possible to design non-standard product samples, as well as turnkey manufacturing of turbines.

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We repair main turbine units and parts, namely:

- Diaphragms.
- Cages.
- Nozzle.
- Guide apparatuses.
- Housing parts (cylinders and stop valves), and bearings.
- Restoring eroded working and guide vanes.

Our company carries out repair and rehabilitation of steam turbines, as well as has unique experience and references in reconstruction and modernisation of turbine equipment.

Comprehensive approach in solving the most complex tasks of our clients: inspection, diagnostics, development of recommendations, design, delivery, support, supervision.

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Turnine Image

Our company presents an extensive array of spare parts crafted through cutting-edge technologies, adhering to the most stringent quality benchmarks. Our product catalog encompasses bushings, blades, bearings, seals, and various other essential components crucial for ensuring the optimal functioning of steam turbines.

Our goal is to establish enduring and mutually advantageous alliances with our clientele. Whether your requirements entail turbine repairs, spare parts procurement, or performance optimization, AG Energy is prepared to deliver top-tier professional services to assist you in reaching your objectives within the energy sector.


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